UST Testing and Inspection Services


UST Inspection Services

  • Monthly B Operator Inspections

UST Tank Testing Services

  • ATG Certification
  • ATG Sensor Functionality Testing
  • Cathodic Protection Testing
  • Line Tightness Testing
  • Leak Detector Testing (mechanical and electronic)
  • Overfill Device Inspection and Testing
  • Shear Valve Functionality Testing
  • Spill Bucket Testing (vacuum or hydrostatic)
  • Sump Testing (hydrostatic)
  • Tank Tightness Testing (volumetric)
  • Tank Tightness Testing (non-volumetric: pressure or vacuum)

Vapor Recovery Services

  • 2" Water Column Pressure Decay Testing
  • Pressure/Vacuum Vent Cap Testing


Justin Wood

Justin has been involved in day-to-day operations at Haztec since 1997 and became president in 2016. In addition to multiple individual state and manufacturer certifications, he is an ICC-Certified Tank Tester and a NACE-Certified Corrosion Technologist. He is a former board member of the Intermountain Underground Corrosion Committee.

Londyn Freeman

Londyn is an educator by training, and her current role is to provide strategic planning and management support. Londyn logged several years of "in the field" experience as an inspector and tester. Fond of coveralls and steel-toed boots, she has always enjoyed surprising people by representing women in a male-dominated field.