UST Testing and Inspection Services


What We Do

All About You

As the owner or operator of an underground storage tank system, you know that rules and regulations are always changing—and always getting more confusing. We offer a complete suite of inspection and testing services to help you maintain compliance and protect our environment.

The Technical Stuff

Annual compliance testing is a headache. It's inconvenient for you and your customers. We have a one-of-a-kind testing trailer outfitted to dramatically reduce set-up and tear-down time, and test multiple product lines at the same time. This means we get you back in service—and back selling fuel—as quickly as possible. 

We maintain the necessary training, certifications and equipment to offer you accurate and professional testing and inspection services. As testing requirements continue to evolve, we invest in the necessary equipment to stay abreast of all the new changes. If we need it, we buy it. If we can't buy it, we design and build it.

Our Expertise

Haztec has a unique perspective among testing companies. In the past 31 years, our service offerings have included OSHA 40-hour and 8-hour refresher training, OSHA employee-right-to-know programs, phase I and II environmental site assessments, UST closures and removals, soil and groundwater sampling, impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection installations, dispenser calibration, and ATG installation and repairs. We don't just know testing—we know regulations and we know UST systems!

At Haztec, we are a family-owned business. 

Each of us are proud to commit to these core values...

  • Courtesy: We treat you, your business, and your customers with respect.
  • Competence: Our work is performed accurately, completely and by qualified personnel.
  • Certifications: From line tightness testing to cathodic protection testing, We maintain the necessary state and professional certifications in our service areas.